Bluetoothe Configurable Single Door Access Control


Offered in convenient Kit form!

 1-Door Controller manages one door with In/Out capability when using appropriate readers One reader included in kit - Second reader can be purchased separately 


 1,000 Cardholders, 2,500 Event Buffer • Bluetooth® Connection from Intelliprox Blue App • App available on Google Play and App Store • LED lighting on the board indicating Bluetooth Broadcast and Cardholder Enrollment • No monthly maintenance charges or App fees • Manual Door Unlock and Adjustable Door Unlock Time are two of the many functions available from the Intelliprox Blue App • Door Held Open and Door Forced Open sensing • RTE and Doors Switch connections • Low power consumption • Supports Android / iOS devices • Simple installation tools and instructions • CE, FCC, RCM, CE-Red and IC certifications 

 The Intelliprox Blue controller is an economical, Bluetooth-enabled, single-door access controller designed to grant access to a single point of entry. By using Keri’s exit readers in parallel with standard entry readers, both ingress and egress may be attained at a protected door. Intelliprox Blue was designed for quick implementation and ease of use, through a programming and control app that is available for free in either iOS or Android. The units are programmed wirelessly through the use of a bluetooth connection, so the only requirement is the app (loaded on a smartphone), and proximity to the controller via Bluetooth, with a mobile device. 

 Multiple controllers may be programmed and controlled by a single smart device, one-at-a-time. Database details may be transferred from one Intelliprox Blue to another easily, using the smartphone as a managing medium. However, each database is unique and controllers do not communicate with one another, or in groups. With 1000 cardholder capacity and a 2500 event buffer, Intelliprox Blue may be all the access control a facility needs when lower numbers of doors are controlled. Intelliprox Blue offers all you need for single-door, basic access control, including: Door Sense, Door Held, Access Granted, Access Denied, Manual Lock/Unlock, Adjustable Lock/Unlock Times and Door Schedules. All this is provided in an easy to install, easy to manage, cost effective package. 

Access Control


With the technology of the industry today we can make sure your facilities are protected from unwanted intrusion. We offer systems to fit all your needs and budgets from simple pin pad entry on a data closet to full scale access control systems that offer ID Cards and full audit reporting of cardholders. Let us help you find the right system for you.