Apartment Complex Gate Repair

Gate Before Repair


This gate was less than a year old and has failed. This gate is the result of the original contractor cutting corners. Instead of using the correct gate for the application they used two seperate gates meant to swing and welded them together. This is a photo of the bottom rail on the gate that has collapsed from the weight.

Gate Before Repair


As you can see the gate is not structurally sound almost every weld was cracked because it was not intended for this use. 

Gate Before Repairs


Another example of the broken joints.

Repairs Being Made


Here we are repairing the bottom rail of the gate to handle the weight. This gate was originally two gates that were intended to swing on hinges. Replacing the bottom completely and installing a solid base, the bottom of the structure is now ready to be able to support itself on rollers without damage. 

Repairs Being Made


In this photo you can see the added structural support that has been added. Each joint has now been gusseted and panels have had proper connecting supports welded in place.

Finished Product


Here was have the gate reinstalled after powder coating was completed. Gate now has no sag to it and functions the way it should have when it was new.